Sewer Lines Use and Repairs

No unauthorized person shall uncover, use, alter, disturb, or make any connection with, or opening onto, the water or sewer system without first obtaining a written permit from the District. Unauthorized use or tampering with the District\'s systems include, but are not limited to unauthorized turn-on or turn off of water or sewer service, burying valve boxes and discharging prohibited sewage even though the same may be performed on a privately owned and maintained service line.

No person shall construct, or repair sewer mains or lines that belong to the District\'s system or any sewer service pipes without obtaining a permit from the District, and must pay for the inspection(s) as necessary until completing the work.

The property owner may install, construct or repair a sewer service line or building on his/her own property. All work performed by the property owner shall conform to the engineering requirements of the District and the Rules and Regulations of the District.


Prior to starting any work on sewer service lines, pipes, or building sewer pipes, the contractor must call the One-Call Center at 811 48 hours prior to commencing any work.