About the District


North Lincoln Water and Sanitation District (NLWSD) is a quasi-municipal agency that provides waterand sewer services for residential, commercial and fire protection uses throught the District. It is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. The purpose of the District is to provide a complete water distribution system for the District and its inhabitants to be connected to available source or sources of water supply, andto provide complete sewage collection system for the District and its inhabitants to be connected to the sewer system of the City and County of Denver.


North Lincoln provides and continues to provide a complete distribution system and sanitary sewer collection system consisting of water and sewage collection mains, laterals, and transmission lines, together with all necessary connectors,incidentals and appurtenances. The District shall from time to time, as needed and determined by the Board of Directors, andas funds are allocated, make improvements, extensions and replacments to the existing facilities.

The invoice you receive from the District covers the cost of operation and maintenance to the water and sewer lines, ancillary hardware, e.g. fire hydrants within the District and general administrative cost. The revenue collected to operate and manage the District is generated from water and sewer service rates and in addition a mill levy is assessed for property tax collection.


NLWSD is a "Read and Bill area." This means that Denver Water supplies the water to the customers. Denver Water reads the water meter and invoices the customers directly for water usage. NLWSD owns the water line and fire hydrants and distributes the water to the property owners and provides fire protection.


The sewage from the District is treated by Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (MWRD). The treatment cost is passed on to NLWSD. The cost of the sewage treatment is included in the quarterly invlice from NLWSD. Note: The property owner will not receive a separate invoice from MWRD for sewage treatment.